Our Products

Extra Fine Beans Annual Production
Fine Beans Annual Production
Yellow Beans Annual Production
Bobby Beans Jan – Mar/Aug – Sept
Runner Beans Oct - Jun
Flat beans (Helda Beans) Jul – Sept

Snow Peas (Mangetout) Annual production
Sugar Snaps Annual production
Garden Peas Annual production

Baby Products
Baby Corn Annual production
Baby Leeks Annual production
Baby Carrots Annual production

Thin Chillies Annual production
Serano Annual production
Fresno Annual production
Bird’s Eye (ABE) Annual production
Scotch Bonnet (Habanero) Annual production

Passion Fruits Annual production
Mangoes seasonal
Avocados seasonal

Exotic Vegetables
Karella Seasonal
Ravaya Seasonal
Aubergines Seasonal
Okra Seasonal

Quality Assurance

We strive to maintain high quality standards through the following tenets:
  • Quality screening at source (farm levels), grading sheds and pack house
  • Feedback to the farmer demonstrating visual interpretations of the defects
  • Sourcing only from credible sources – our farms and contracted farmers
  • Cold chain management


  • Food grade packaging of the highest quality
  • Flexibility and customization for our clients
  • Attractive and simple design adopting a minimalist concept

We pack in the following general packaging:
  • Loose/Bulk packs
  • Mixtures in Trays – single to quad mixtures
  • Bags – BOPP (perforated bags) – MAP (P+ Bags)

For these we have a wide variety of sizes and can customize them to fit your requirements.